Lilly Allen, Sophie Dahl, Geri Halliwell
all used hypnosis to help them lose weight.
Brooke Shields, Jim Carrey, Sting, Elton John
all used psychotherapy to help them deal with negative or depressive areas in their life.
Robert Downey Jr, Drew Barrymore, Paul Gascoigne
all used CBT to help them improve the way they feel.
Oprah Winfrey, Heston Blumenthal, Nick Faldo, Greg Rusedski
all used a combination of NLP/Positive and Sports Psychology to improve their life and/or sports performance


"After a week of using my new parenting skills, my relationship with my 10 year old daughter improved ten fold"
Samantha, Mum of two
"I am so much more relaxed now as I feel better equipped and this has rubbed off on my family"
Rebecca, Mum of three
"The impact of this course has been instant and powerful…best thing ever"
Jeanne, Mum of two
"Karen was able to connect with my teenage daughter really well and helped so much in my daughter's confidence and general outlook on life that the stress that had been apparent completely went – fantastic!"
Mary, Thames Ditton
"My teenage son was struggling with being bullied at school and his confidence had really dipped. Since his sessions with Karen he has been able to ignore the bullying and also has strategies in place to help him build his confidence again – he is so much more positive which is great"
Sophie, Esher
"Having managed to get myself in to a negative loop of anxiety and stress Karen helped me to understand my behaviour traits and to help me turn this around. Her manner is highly relaxing, friendly, empathetic, understanding and very supportive. She has a natural talent based on her own life experiences and grounded knowledge. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone"
Phil, Energy Consultant
"Things were starting to pile up for me and I found that I wasn't coping with even basic tasks which is when I came to see Karen. She helped me understand my thinking patterns and how they were fuelling my stress and fears. Since finding more resourceful thinking and doing strategies I so look forward to getting up in the morning and I feel truly blessed. Karen has such a relaxed and open manner that I really enjoyed our sessions"
Bridget, Human Resources Manager, Hampton
"Karen is caring and solution focused using a variety of methods with her well developed intuition. She is a very good listener and has a genuine will to help others through a process of transformation. Things are definitely on the up, with a lot of thanks to Karen's help"
Shelly, Student
"I seemed to get really tense under pressure on the golf course. I really enjoyed my sessions with Karen from which I noticed a positive shift in my attitude on the golf course and perspective in other aspects of my life"
Chris, Pro Golfer, Twickenham
"I couldn't present to more than 5 people before crumbling, now I regularly talk in front of 500 thank you"
Tom, Twickenham
"I spent 22 years in teaching and loved every minute with children but the moment I had to address a group of parents I felt totally overwhelmed. One session with Karen made me realise I had the confidence and self belief to address any audience. Since then I have moved jobs and regularly take lectures and present to audiences of 200 people plus. I could not have done this if Karen had not guided me through the journey to self confidence"
Ruth, Partnership Director
"From the moment I first met Karen, I felt at ease to express what tough times mentally I had been going through on and off the golf course in my Rookie year as an LET Professional Golfer. Karen is a very good listener and amazes me at how she asks the right questions to gain very valuable information. I have learnt so much from Karen about myself, my golf and life in general and that's all come from working with Karen – she really is amazing and now a good friend to go with it"
Hannah, Pro Golfer
"Self-doubt in my golfing abilities led me being introduced to Karen. She is such a perceptive person and so easy to talk to. She soon got to know my thought processes and how I reacted to good and not so good shots on the course. After some really helpful sessions, I was given a routine to keep me focused on what I needed to do. Next time out…wow...what a transformation! Karen's enthusiasm can't but help draw you in to want to learn more about the effect the sub-conscious plays in the game of golf and how it can be moulded to be pro-active. She is very skilled and highly qualified in her science"
Polly, Amateur Golfer
"Karen has the ability to really make you feel comfortable and relaxed and helped me to deal with a tricky issue and to move forward in my life which I never imagined I could. I have learn't so much about myself and life is truly fantastic thanks to Karen"
Roger, Financial Director, Kingston
'I felt instantly relaxed and at ease when I met Karen and her perceptive and intuitive nature made the whole experience very rewarding and positive'
Monica, Florist, Weybridge