Partners and Links

Sometimes it can be difficult to seek help directly, or you may want additional support at different times. The list below is of useful organisations that may tell you more about what different therapies can offer you and/or help you make up your mind about seeking therapy. Other links are to organisations that can help you with understanding a wide range of common life problems and events.

Psychotherapy and Counselling
British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
Tel: 08704 435 160

Tel: 01257 262124
Tel: 01590 683770

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Positive Psychology
This is a really good website and there are downloads and quizzes that you can take around your strengths and personality etc.


Provide a wide range of information, leaflets and web advice for emotional difficulties.

Help, information and advice for those suffering with depression

Young People
Help and support for young people and those who live/work with them

Anxiety and Panic
Help, information for all sorts of anxiety from panic attacks to phobias.

Help, support and information for if you are hurting or cutting yourself, or know someone who is.

If you are interested in becoming a therapist then have a look at what this college has to offer.

Two links to help with quitting smoking

The Best Electronic Cigarette Blog, offer a lot of info on the pros and cons of Ecigarettes as a path for quitting smoking.

Quit Smoking Community, has lots of info on smoking and its effects