Create successful ways to elimate stress, anxiety, phobias and feeling low

There is so much pressure on all of us in one way or another to perform at our best, to achieve and to keep moving forward whether at home, at work, as a parent or in the hobbies we chose to do.

One argument is that life has always been tough but there does seem to be a sense of having less time to get things done now and with that comes a nagging feeling that we are not quite giving our 'all' to work, as a parent, in relationships and other areas of our life.

And when we don't believe we are achieving the things we want and/or feeling a lack of control over what we do it is easy for this to manifest in to losing confidence, having negative thoughts and generally feeling low.

Most of us have built up some pretty good defence mechanisms in terms of getting us back to where we need to be but sometimes our brain can get a bit stuck! Either through being overloaded with negative emotions that don't seem to go away and/or just too much happening that it doesn't know what to process next!

This is what you may be experiencing:

  • Inability to concentrate, constant worrying, irritability, inability to relax, feeling overwhelmed, sense of loneliness, general unhappiness,
  • Eating more or less, sleeping too much or too little, procrastinating, nervous habits, drinking or smoking or using drugs to relax
  • Aches and pains, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, colds, loss of sex drive, feeling tearful, no energy and feeling tired all the time,
  • Feelings of fear or panic in certain situations, feeling an intense need to escape, a sense of dread, powerless to control your fear

Any one of these symptoms could relate to stress, anxiety or feeling down – they are very closely linked. Mostly it is not the situation itself which is causing any of the symptoms it is all to do with how we react to events – otherwise we would all feel the same way about the same thing!

Sometimes, our anxiety is very fixated on an event (such as public speaking) or an object (spiders) which is known as a phobia. This can create real fear and a terror that is automatic and overwhelming when exposed to the very thing we fear.

This is when our brain is telling us very clearly to flee and even though you know you are over-reacting there is a feeling of being powerless to control the fear.
I will help you get back in control by using simple techniques which are tailored to your situation and needs but essentially involves:

  • Stopping the key triggers and causes of the stress-related/anxiety and panic attacks
  • Help you understand how to get rid of the fear, embrace risk and face phobias with self-confidence
  • Change any negative thought patterns in to resourceful thinking strategies which will enable you to deal with situations calmly and in control.
  • Help you develop strategies to manage work/life balance
  • Provide you with a Strength Profile which will help you move forward with confidence and renewed vigour!
  • Provide tools and techniques to aid relaxation, assertiveness and confidence

In the first instance, give me a call on 07590 195541 or email me for a confidential chat about how I can help you

'Having managed to get myself in to a negative loop of anxiety and stress Karen helped me to understand my behaviour traits and to help me turn this around. Her manner is highly relaxing, friendly, empathetic, understanding and very supportive. She has a natural talent based on her own life experiences and grounded knowledge. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone"
Phil, Energy Consultant
"Things were starting to pile up for me and I found that I wasn't coping with even basic tasks which is when I came to see Karen. She helped me understand my thinking patterns and how they were fuelling my stress and fears. Since finding more resourceful thinking and doing strategies I so look forward to getting up in the morning and I feel truly blessed. Karen has such a relaxed and open manner that I really enjoyed our sessions"
Bridget, Human Resources Manager, Hampton
All names have been changed
to protect client confidentiality.