Confidence, Assertiveness and Motivation

Most of us believe that if we could be more confident we would achieve so much more. It can be so easy to feel good about one area of your life only to be challenged and unsure in other parts. Some of us can cover up our insecurities pretty well and project a confident air whilst feeling very anxious underneath it all.

For some of us, confidence has been an issue from a young age where for whatever reason, your sense of self-worth and self-value did not develop well and has been carried forward in to adult life. For others, a trigger such as being made redundant, relationship issues, illness and many others can make us doubt our abilities and lose confidence in areas where we felt fine before.

It is very easy to get in to a negative loop which can have a detrimental impact on your self-esteem and confidence and you may find yourself:

  • Focusing on your weaknesses and mistakes
  • Hold negative beliefs about yourself such as 'I can't do anything well'
  • You expect the worst and are likely to react badly
  • You think that other people are more intelligent, talented, attractive and interesting than you
  • You can do something well such as deliver a great presentation and then spend days thinking about the mistakes you made
  • Have difficult personal relationships because you don't feel you deserve to be treated with love and respect
  • You may find it difficult to accept any level of criticism and become over-sensitive and upset very easily
  • You feel like your lack of confidence is holding you back from achieving your full potential

You can turn this negative loop around and I will help you to get back in control through a number of different therapeutic approaches which are tailored to each individual but essentially we will:

  • Get rid of the negative thinking patterns and develop a positive mind-set
  • Help you to feel more comfortable with yourself and others
  • Have more control over your emotions and your life
  • Develop relaxation techniques to help you feel calm and relaxed
  • Focus on your strengths and start to build a plan for you achieving your full potential

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"Karen is caring and solution focused using a variety of methods with her well developed intuition. She is a very good listener and has a genuine will to help others through a process of transformation. Things are definitely on the up, with a lot of thanks to Karen's help"
Shelly, Student
"I couldn't present to more than 5 people before crumbling, now I regularly talk in front of 500 thank you"
Tom, Twickenham
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