Effective Strategies to combat Anxiety in Public Speaking and Exams

Exam Nerves

Taking exams is bound to be stressful because of what's at stake. You may be feeling a weight of expectation from your family, school, university or workplace to succeed.

Many of us will be able to recall how nerve-racking it can be to take an exam. Butterflies in our stomach, sweaty palms, a racing heart and panicking that we won't be able to remember anything we've learnt are all common feelings before an exam.

Feeling nervous is a natural emotion and can actually help to motivate and focus your mind. However, if these feelings become intense they could have a negative impact so that you end up in a panic in the exam room with racing thoughts and a blank mind.

This is a very common problem as nerves can affect anyone no matter how clever you are or how much you have prepared.

I will help you to get back in control by simple techniques which are tailored to each individual but essentially will help you to:

  • remain calm and relaxed
  • learn how to control anxiety
  • increase memory and concentration
  • remain focused and in control
  • boost your self-confidence

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Public Speaking and Stage Fright

Everyone who has engaged in some form of public speaking has some anxiety or nervousness which is completely normal. However, fear of public speaking is one of the top social phobia's and can create sheer panic at the very thought of having to perform in this way.
Do you experience an immediate surge of fear and anxiety when you learn you need to do any public speaking or performing? And/or do you:

  • attempt to avoid giving presentations or performances because of public speaking fear or performing anxiety
  • suffer from a lot of anticipatory anxiety thinking about your presentation or performance ahead of time
  • experience stage fright and feel very self-conscious being "in the spotlight" when speaking or performing?
  • worry about embarrassing yourself in front of others, fearful that people will see how anxious you are and that you will lose credibility and respect?
  • feel a lot of inner turmoil or have you missed opportunities because of your speaking anxiety or performing anxiety

Because public speaking is a social event the anxiety of speaking is intensified and can be linked to limiting unconscious beliefs as to whether you are good enough, whether you are going to fail or be rejected or treated with indifference etc. These limiting beliefs have built up over the years and can seriously hold you back from freely engaging with people.

The good news is that whatever profession you have which requires you to speak in public these limiting beliefs can be turned round in to building empowering beliefs that will enable you to speak in public without anxiety and actually start enjoying being centre stage!
Through a combination of techniques such as Hypnotherapy, NLP and Cognitive Behavioural therapy you will:

  • Remain calm and relaxed
  • Learn how to control your anxiety
  • Change limited beliefs and build powerful empowering beliefs
  • Build your confidence and self-esteem
  • Positively change your perceptions of past events and future worries

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I spent 22 years in teaching and loved every minute with children but the moment I had to address a group of parents I felt totally overwhelmed. One session with Karen made me realise I had the confidence and self belief to address any audience. Since then I have moved jobs and regularly take lectures and present to audiences of 200 people plus. I could not have done this if Karen had not guided me through the journey to self confidence"
Ruth, Partnership Director
'I did it!!! I got married and actually enjoyed it rather than being sick with nerves - thank you so much for your help
Marie, Leatherhead
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