Change is easier than you think!


Are you outwardly smiling giving the impression that everything is fine whilst inwardly struggling with difficult emotions?  Do you seem to be worrying all the time with thoughts buzzing around in your head?

You may or may not be able to pinpoint what the problem is except that it is making you feel anxious, stressed, panicky and you may have a sense of being disconnected in some way.  

I am specialised across a number of therapeutic and psychological approaches which are really effective in helping individuals across business, life and sport to break free from unhelpful habits and thinking patterns such as: 

  • Stress, anxiety and panic attacks across work, social and performance environments
  • Feeling low and depression
  • Phobias and obsessive compulsive behaviours
  • Anger Management and mood swings
  • Weight issues and eating disorders
  • Addictions and self-harm

My approach DOES NOT involve numerous sessions raking over the past;  I am solution focused and interested in what you are experiencing in the present day and providing workable strategies to help you get back on your feet which always involves helping you develop an inner confidence.

Free telephone consultation - please give me a call and I can answer any questions or concerns you may have on 07590 195541